Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Ultimate Sunday Night Blues

Well, the time has come...summer is officially over. At 8 am tomorrow morning, I will officially be back at work.

I don't know where the time went. Granted, I tutored for 6 weeks, so I really only had 3 weeks of free time but I made the most of it.

This summer:
I climbed mountains.
I visited lighthouses.
I ate lots of ice cream.
I laid on the beach.
I laughed with friends.
I read books with almost three year olds.
I made s'mores.
I cuddled with the puppy.
I started books and never finished them.
I drove ATVs.
I took tons of pictures.
I swam in oceans and lakes and ponds.
I listened to lots of music.
I raced for a cause.
I drove all over Maine.

So tonight, instead of lamenting that summer is coming to and end, I am eating chinese food and watching the MTV VMA's (even though I'm at least 10 years too old to do that) and hoping that the rumors about NSYNC's reunion are true.  ← Don't judge me.

As much as going back to school means having less 'do what I want time' it also means fall is here...which means apples and pumpkins and leaves and scarves and hot chocolate and crisp, sunny days...basically everything that is wonderful.


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