Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Edition

In October

In October, I listened to SO many hours of Mumford and Sons. Everyday Brother came home and I spent lots of time annoying him. I went to work, laughed at with kids, and taught them things. I enjoyed lots of New Girl and pulled my hair out watching presidential debates. I tried to upgrade to an iPhone and was denied. I survived hurricane Sandy and got a four day weekend out of it. I made a Halloween costume, baked some yummy things, and didn't buy ANY Halloween candy. I ran 3 times a week for the entire month and invested in a foam roller but don't really know what to do with it yet.

My goals for the month were:

1. Buy and listen to the new Mumford and Sons over and over and over.
Did I ever. I don't think I listened to anything else this month.

2. End the month with more money in the bank than I start the month with.
Thanks to the magic that is the three paycheck month, I definitely have more dollars in the bank today than I did on October 1st. But I did go a little shopping crazy this month. Oops.

3. Do lots of things from my Autumn 2012 list.
Um...I did some things...not lots. I wore sweaters and scarves (for decoration not for warmth), made applesauce, and sent lots of postcards.

4. Be crafty.
I was crafty in cooking, and costume making, and generally being sly...but I still want to do some paper crafting (a.k.a. minibooks).

5. Fill my weekends with friends and fun.
I honestly don't know what I did with my weekends. I saw some friends but not a lot. I had some fun but I also relaxed and went to Target and slept in on weekends.

October is typically my favorite month of the year but I was disappointed this year. I think I expect 31 days of cool, sunny, crisp days and instead got a whole lot of rain. The foliage was gorgeous this year but I didn't even enjoy it because it was always raining. Boo. 


The Evolution of a Halloween Costume

I was going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. I was just going to pick up an orange t-shirt and sew on some felt jack-o-lantern features.

But then my co-teacher decided that since we are reading The Witches in class, we should be witches. And so I thought I would be a pumpkin witch. I purchased an orange and black, feathered witch hat fascinator.

Exhibit A:

But I felt like a crazy bird with an ice cream cone on my head. So I kept looking and found a different witch hat.

My plan evolved from there. I took a bag of plastic spiders and a glue gun and went to town. I made earrings, a bracelet and, with the help of some puff paint, a spider web t-shirt.

A few glue gun burns later and I have a costume that is simple but appropriate for school and a Halloween party. All that was left was some late night nail painting:

I had to stay up late to let the nail polish dry enough so it wouldn't smudge on my bed blankets. My philosophy on painting nails is simple. Paint quickly and without regard to neatness. The next morning in the shower, scrape at my cuticles until all the excess polish comes off. Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it!

May it be full of treats and not tricks. 
(I think we've had enough tricks this week!)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cooking with Amy: Applesauce

Everyday Dad picked up a peck? a bushel? LOTS of apples from the great state of Maine and I thought I'd make a little applesauce.

In true Amy fashion, I Googled recipes and got overwhelmed that they were all different. So I did what any good cook would do, I just threw a bunch of stuff in the pot without measuring anything and hoped for the best.

Prep time 10 minutes. HA! They obviously have not met me. It took at least 25 minutes to peel and cut up the apples. At first, I cut the apple into slices then peeled each individual slice. I quickly realized that it wasn't the most efficient way to skin apples.

Everyday Dad then schooled me on the proper way to skin an apple.

He skinned the entire apple in two strips!

FYI: This is how I skin apples. #Fail.

After all the peeling and chopping, I filled up a sauce pan...

Threw in some water, cinnamon, and brown sugar and set it to simmer.

As the apples got all smushy, I wondered what this food mill thing all the recipes talked about was. Turns out, Everyday Mom owned one. I had to wash it well as it was full of dust.

I dumped the lumpy applesauce in and cranked and cranked and cranked and NOTHING WAS HAPPENING!

Turns out I was spinning it the wrong way. Oops!

The applesauce was delicious and I felt good about it being homemade but my god it took a long time to make. Definitely something to make in large quantities!


Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Live Without Power

Sometimes when the power goes out it can be fun. You can snuggle in blankets or eat PB&J by candlelight. Maybe you like to build forts and have shadow puppet competitions. But when you live alone and it gets dark at 5:15 and it's super rainy and stormy out, losing power is not fun.

Why my power went out. Six telephone poles went down like dominoes.

I spent my hurricane day running some errands then came home to enjoy a nice cup of mocha latte and avoid falling limbs. I was just about to start watching the hurricane episode of Dawson's Creek when the power went out.

Not impressed.
Not knowing what to do with myself I made the executive decision that it was a wonderful time for a nap. Until I remember that I hastily dumped my clean laundry on my bed this morning.

First, I put away clothes by crazy LED flashlight. Everyday Dad hooked me up today with this tiny LED light that will probably cause temporary blindness or burnt corneas but man does it light up a dark room.

After a short nap, it started to get dark. I read by flashlight for a bit and 2 hours into being without power I was over it so I made a list of what to do when one is without power.

1. Take a nap. Hope that when you wake up, the power is back on.
2. Find a good book to read by mint chocolate chip scented candlelight.
3. Clean your house to take your mind off the fact that your tv, internet, computer, phone and iPod won't work.
4. Call your mom to see if they have power and if they'll invite you over for dinner.
5. Stare at the wall.
6. Flip every light switch...just in case.
7. Eat Cheez-its from the box to avoid opening the fridge, in turn keeping the cold air in.
8. Brainstorm what to do with everything in the freezer.
9. Curse Mitt Romney for representing a party that doesn't believe in global warming. Epic hurricanes at the end of October??
10. Stare at the wall.
11. Dig out a pad of paper and a pen to write down every thought you plan to share on your blog when the internet get's it act together.

Still not impressed. This time in the dark.

Cooking with Amy: Ranch Chicken Strips

Often I pin super yummy looking things without actually making them. As the year winds down and it grows colder, I am more inclined to use my oven than I was over the summer.

My first attempt was Ranch Chicken Strips. You crush cornflakes and mix them with some Parmesan cheese and a packet of ranch dressing mix. They were supposed to look like this:

Surprise, surprise...mine look like this:

Several things went wrong:

1. I forgot to coat them in the milk/egg mixture before covering them in the cornflake mixture. So I dumped them out of the cornflake mixture into the milk/egg mixture then back into the cornflake mixture.

2. I didn't grease the tin foil before baking so one side looks yummy and the other side in naked because the crust stuck to the tin foil. Woops.

3. I was planning on flipping them halfway through but I got distracted by Hocus Pocus.

They don't look like much but they taste delicious. So I'm gonna toss some spaghetti and zucchini in the sauce that I impulse bought at Target and nom away.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches

A storm's a comin'. A Frankenstorm to be more specific. A category 1 hurricane that is basically going to miss Massachusetts to be even more specific.

Now you may be asking yourself...why is New England getting a hurricane during the last week of October? Good question. And I believe the answer to that is global warming.

Last year on October 29, we were surviving a blizzard. Heavy snow took down limbs and trees that were still covered in leaves, leaving some towns without power for almost a week. Halloween was subsequently cancelled. This year, the power outages and cancelling of holidays may be repeated due to a hurricane.

The mass media (including the electronic billboard signs on the highway) have been warning us to PREPARE FOR SEVERE WEATHER!

So naturally, I spent the day running, watching Gilmore Girls, cooking, and making last minute trips to Target to complete my Halloween costume.

Now, you would think I would be more concerned as the last time I was faced with a major storm threat, I was woefully ill prepared.

I did pick up a few things to help me ride out the storm. I bought some pretzels and chocolate to make yummy things, some PB&J, and cereal. Because let's face it. If we lose power, everyone that stocked up before the storm will be moaning over spoiled groceries while I nom away on my PB&J in the dark.

I don't really know what batten down the hatches means but in the context of my life, I assume it means buy some water to drink, some food to nom, pick up a library book to read in case the internet goes down, and park my car as far away from trees as possible.

I'll let you know how I fare.

Cooking with Amy: Pretzel, Hershey Kiss, M&M Things

Because of the impending hurricane, I am cooking everything I own in case I lose power for like 3 weeks. (I love how everyone runs to the grocery store before a big storm not realizing if they are without power for several days all their food will A) spoil and B) have to be eaten uncooked.)

First up, were these pretzel, Hershey Kiss, M&M things that don't have a proper name.

I had seen them floating around Pintrest but when K brought them to her own goodbye party, I was hooked. I figured pretzels and chocolate might as well be hurricane staples so I whipped some up today.

What it is about grid shaped pretzels that make them so much more delicious than regular heart shaped ones?

Make sure to keep your mouth full of M&M's so you don't eat any of the Hershey Kisses because you will run out of them before the pretzels or M&M's.

Line them all up like tiny witch's hats and pop them into a preheated oven (somewhere between 150-300 degrees. I went for 250 degrees.) After just 3ish minutes they come out all shiny and soft.

Based on the holiday or season in which you are baking, choose the correct color palate of M&Ms. Carefully press them into the melted Hershey Kiss until the M&M looks all snuggly. Cool and nom.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Mitt Romney,

We are 7 minutes into the 3rd debate. First you said we can't kill our way out of trouble in the Middle East. Two minutes later you said we need to kill the bad guys.

I'm done.

Obama better wipe the floor with you tonight because, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think being a former governor of Massachusetts means your foreign policy experience is limited.


P.S. I love how Fox News is showing the MLB Playoffs instead of the debate. Even they know you don't have anything to say about foreign policy.

P.P.S. You're both whining like little bitches.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Irrational Fears

I have a few irrational fears.

I'm super afraid of being attacked by wild animals...deer, bears, turkeys. I do kind of live in the woods and we had bears at camp but in general, this fear is quite irrational. 

I am also irrationally afraid of dying in some strange way as a result of living falling in the shower or choking on something. Also not likely but freak accidents happen.

My most irrational fear is that I will spontaneously combust and burst into flame. I don't know where this stems from but for a while I refused to drink alcohol because according to the articles I read, cases of spontaneous combustion often involved alcohol. I'm aware that this makes me sound incredibly crazy, but that's because it's an IRRATIONAL fear. people ARE catching on fire thanks to a sunscreen! Now technically, spontaneous combustion occurs without an external trigger but still...PEOPLE ARE CATCHING ON FIRE! So I'm super glad it's not sunscreen season in New England anymore. Hopefully, by next summer, I'll forget all about this.


Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Like Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow I'm getting an iPhone! (I've only been talking about it for three years.) Ask anyone who knows me, I'm the biggest procrastinator in the history of the world. I'm also a terrible decision maker. So I've put off joining the 21st century forever ever because I haven't wanted to commit to a data plan.

But I'm ready. And SOOOOO EXCITED!

Here are the top 5 reasons I'm psyched about getting an iPhone.

1. Instagram - I can't wait to document every single detail of my life via photo. You know you want to follow me.

2. Talking to Siri - I have a lot of things to discuss with her.

3. Blog stalking my internet friends from the comfort and convenience of everywhere.

4. Never getting lost again. (Who am I kidding?)

5. Words With Friends - I know I'm like 2.5 years late to the game...but someone will still play with me...right?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Students in Numbers

I have 20 students in my class.

10 are girls.
10 are boys.
1 is a hard core, vocal republican (at age 8).
3 receive special education services.
1 drinks four juice boxes a day.
5 won't stop ever.
1 makes me laugh all the time.
2 have formal behavior plans.
1 has a sassy teenager attitude.
4 read above grade level.
9 read below grade level.
1 receives free/reduced lunch.
2 go to extended day.
4 are left handed.
1 masturbates on a semi-regular basis.
2 cry a lot.
1 is being psychologically evaluated.
1 has scabies. Google it.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Town Hall Debate is My FAVORITE!

I love that the candidates get to walk around and get in each other's faces. It makes them so much more argumentative.

When discussing gas prices, they got up in each other's faces and began gesticulating wildly.

In my head I was all, "Deck him. Deck him. Deck him." I don't care who hit who, but I wanted to see a someone throw a punch.

Obama: "Bitch please."

Obama: What.

Romney: "Pointing is rude."

Romney: "But I'm not done talking yet."

Good Question: Governor Romney, how are you different from George Bush?

Romney: Let me have the last word on the last question. I believe all women should have contraceptives.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Did You Do Today?

A guy named Felix did something CRAZY today.

He went sky diving from a space capsule 24 miles above the Earth...and lived to tell about it. They floated him up to the heavens with a giant balloon a la the house in Up.

After going up for 2.5 hours the hatch opened...

 At this point there was no backing out. It was go time.

After free falling for more than 4 minutes, he let out his parachute and floated down to Earth like any other skydiver.

 Safe landing with the aliens in Roswell, NM.

All I did today was go grocery shopping, break out the crockpot for some BBQ chicken, and watch How I Met Your Mother.

Oh...and I did some dishes. Obviously my day was not quite as exciting as Felix's!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Night

Learning how to grill a turkey from Martha Stewart Living.

Watching Good Will Hunting.

Eating pasta with red sauce.

Sleeping by 9:30.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's 10/11/12!


10 Things I Learned Today:
1. There is snow on Mars.
2. It's good to be flexible.
3. Plugging in a cell phone doesn't mean it will charge.
4. I have a limited amount of patience.
5. 3rd graders still believe in Santa.
6. They also believe aliens live on Mars.
7. You can reheat fish sticks in the toaster.
8. Teachers avoid responsibility too.
9. 3rd graders still cry a lot.
10. Dragons eat unicorns. <--According to a second grader.

11 Things I Saw Today:
1. How I Met Your Mother.
2. Puddles.
3. Apples.
4. Pumpkins.
5. Kids climbing up slides.
6. Chipped nail polish.
7. Canadian Geese Fight Club.
8. A firetruck.
9. Yesterday's Daily Show.
10. Two a.m.
11. A cartoon fish.

12 Things I Thought About Today:
1. My mom.
2. Getting an iPhone.
3. How much I love sunny, fall days.
4. Moving to Michigan.
5. Having a sleepover.
6. Publishing a book.
7. The Vice Presidential debate.
8. Penguins.
9. Baking bread.
10. Running.
11. Getting an iPad.
12. Going to bed early.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I've Been Watching Too Much Breaking Bad

I know this because when walking back to my car carrying a small paper bag I'm afraid a cop is going to pull up along side me and I'll be all, "It's only ice cream officer!" I apparently have a guilty conscience...or am paranoid.

Because of Breaking Bad I now think that all of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada is only desert and blue sky (and drug cartels).

At the beginning of almost every episode I'm all, "What the hell is going on?" and by the end I'm like, "I have to see the next episode NOW!".

I'm now into season 3 and will quickly finish what is left on Netflix so I looked to see when the new and last season would start and I have to wait until Summer 2013! What if the Mayans are right and the world ends in December? Then I'll never get to see how it ends. #The horror!

FYI: If you're interested in breaking into the meth business, Thought Catalog has a wonderful how-to.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

What My Dad Take Pictures Of

FYI: When you accidentally upload your father's ENTIRE memory card instead of the six photos you intended to, you get a whole lot of random photos! This is what Everyday Dad takes pictures of.

Sasha the dog. She likes to snuggle...and shed. She crosses her legs like a lady because she's dainty dog.

Turkeys came to visit. They are tall and ugly.

An Alaskan fishing boat in the fog...with a bird.

Everyday Mom riding in a Rhino in Alaska. Helmets were necessary...those suckers were designed to roll.

Rainbow in the mountains in remote Alaska.

A REAL LIVE LADY MOOSE! M this one is for you!

Seagulls in flight. They look much more majestic than when they are scavenging for food.

Early morning snow in Maine.

Mt. McKinley in Alaska.

Bald eagles...eating dead stuff.

A stubborn cuke growing through the slats on the porch swing.

The black, mutant squirrel that is so friendly (a.k.a. greedy) you can get close enough to it to pet it.

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