Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A & M Do Maine

I really wanted to bring M to Maine because I think it's wonderful and I wanted her to love it as much as I do. We had a very limited time, but we managed to see two lighthouses, lots of oreo cows, one llama, two moose, lots of deer heads, a lake, some mountains, and the ocean in two different spots...all in less than 24 hours.

We crossed the green bridge into Maine and our first stop was York, ME. As we were fishing for coins to feed the meter to park, a kind gentleman handed me some change and said, "I hope you enjoy Maine." Those Maniacs Mainers sure are nice.

The ocean was coldddddd.

After putting our toes in the ocean, we drove around the corner to Nubble Lighthouse. It is on an island and you can only get to it by this chair lift bucket thing.

Scuba Steve emerged from the ocean out of nowhere.

The theme of our East Coast adventure was ice cream. We had to have some in Maine.

After visiting The Nubs, we ventured to York Village. We watched as they pulled taffy, visited the York Zoo, and M found her store.

We left York, sandwiches in hand, ready for the second leg of our adventure. At the Kennebunk rest area, we briefly stopped to pet the moose. 

Our second lighthouse of the day was Portland Head Lighthouse (which I visited solo back in June). It was a gorgeous day and the clouds made for a lovely postcard picture.

The tide was in so the rocks I climbed on last time were under water. M enjoyed playing Little Mermaid.

After a busy day of sight lighthouse seeing, we finally made it to the house. Before we cooked dinner, I made M go swimming with me. It was warm and beautiful and we were the only people there. She bravely brought her camera into the lake to take mermaid pictures.

We cooked dinner and enjoyed a bottle of wine.

The fake eyelashes came out and M insisted on doing giving me a makeup tutorial for the wedding I was about to be Maid of Honor in. M had the giggles and wondered why I didn't want her poking at my face.

Somehow, I mustered up the courage to actually let her get near my eyeballs with pointy objects. #YOLO.

For some reason, I always wake up super early when I stay in Maine...like sunrise early. And it never disappoints.

We had a quick breakfast and were on our way home. But not before saying hello to the oreo cows.

And the llamas. This guy wanted to say hello back...or he wanted to eat us.

On the way home, we stopped in Kittery to see a real-live, dead moose. 

It's pretty incredible what you can do in 24 hours. New England is special in that, you can drive from Massachusetts to Maine for the night. Come visit and I'll show you!

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