Sunday, September 9, 2012

S & E Get Married

The final installment in a three part series, S & E Get Married! The wedding took place on an island in the middle of Lake Champlain in Vermont. I headed up alone with my car packed full of wedding decorations and random bridal knickknacks. The trip up was quite the drive. When I turned onto 89 it was down pouring and I still had many miles to go:

I arrived safe and sound at the cabin and had a surprising bed fellow. At some places you get mints on your pillow, at others you get In-Fisherman magazine and a trout to cuddle.

After hanging out at the cabin for a day and watching the men hang outdoor lights, we relocated to the Inn where the wedding would take place. The weather was crappy and we kept hoping for the best.

We made a super fast trip into Burlington to get glammed up with manicures and pedicures then back to the island to get dressed up then back to Burlington for the rehearsal dinner. (It was a busy afternoon!) The rehearsal dinner was a lobster cruise on The Spirit of Ethan Allen. It was rainy and grey but as we were inside with good food, good wine, and good company, nobody seemed to mind.

Psyched about my lobster bib!

After the cruise, the girls headed back to the hotel for some last minute wedding to-do's. We were able to get some sleep and woke up to this:

A 6:30 am wedding morning conversation:
Amy: Hey, Summer...guess what?
Summer: What?

We kept our fingers crossed that the dark clouds on the other side of the Inn stayed at bay...and they did!

The ceremony was short but beautiful. It was so surreal to stand up there and watch my best friend get married. 

The beautiful wedding party.

After the ceremony and luncheon, everyone headed back to the cabin for an after party. The skies let loose but thanks to a tent and a series of umbrellas, people were able to eat and drink till their hearts were content.

The following morning, I headed home with a car full of wedding presents. I stopped briefly to trespass on private property to take some pictures of a beautiful sunflower field.

After days of rain, it was finally a gorgeous day. Sadly, the sunflowers were all looking away from me. 

It was a beautiful weekend and the sun shone just when we needed it!



  1. ive always wanted to see a field of sun flowers. sooo cool!

  2. wow!! Seeing this sunflower field is like your in the paradise.

  3. Amy, I really think you should do mini books for the EVERYONE!! I love the pictures and I love the stories. Beautiful wedding!

  4. SMALL correction, Amy. That is a Northern Pike NOT a trout! Geesh, anybody can put a mint on the pillow!

    ps, you were an AWESOME maid of honor!


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