Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cooking With Amy: Bridal Shower Edition

The day after the bachelorette shenanigans, we threw a bridal shower for S. I was in charge of invites and party favors. I created the invite using Picasa (because I'm too poor and impatient for Photoshop) and printed them up as photos. I mounted them to some party pink paper and mailed them on their way.

For the party favor, I wanted to make mason jar cupcakes because they are all the rage on Pintrest. I got some fancy quilted mason jars and washed them up all clean.

I used some of the wedding pinwheel paper to make the lids extra cute. 

Next, I affixed a LOVE IS SWEET label...

I baked regular sized, lemon cupcakes and made lots of vanilla buttercream frosting. After the cupcakes cooled, I cut them in half horizontally so I could fit 1.5 cupcakes in each mason jar. Then I layered like a pro. Cupcake half, frosting, cupcake half, frosting, etc. 

Next, I sprinkled the candy heart sprinkles.

Screwed on the fancy, flower lids...

And at long last, I attached a spoon to the jar with a ribbon. They were a bit hit!

 At the shower, we ate lots of food, and cuddled sleepy babies.

Played the Newlywed Game where S admitted her dream vacation would be to Harry Potter World. 

And the happy couple opened date night presents. Good times were had by all!


  1. wow. those cupcake jars look amazing!

  2. Those cupcake jars WERE amazing, and yummy too! The invitations are cute!

    1. I know I was thinking that you never saw them!

  3. Yes! Your cupcakes were YUM! Are you making cupcakes for Halloween? For Christmas??

    1. Probably...I know I'm like 5 years late on the cupcake trend but I love them!


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