Monday, September 17, 2012

Conversations With Children


Student A: Miss C! Why don't you have a diamond ring like Mrs. T?
Me: Because I'm not married.
Student A: When you get one make sure you show me.

A few hours later...

Student E: Miss C! Are you married?
Me: No.
Student E: Are you still a teenager?
Me: No.
Student E: Then why aren't you married?*


Then I came home and discovered this website: My Friends Are Married which made me feel somewhat better about my single status.

But then I was reading blogs and someone posted that their doctor told them that fertility rapidly declines after age 30. Well shit. Better pull my life together quickly.

AND THEN...I read Thought Catalog's 32 Things You Should Stop Caring About and #13 assures me I can stop caring about "whether people you know are getting married, having children, or making big life changes when it hasn't happened to you yet." So there's that.

* You just have to love the honesty of children.


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  1. I discovered that website the other day too...classicccccc


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