Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

Have you ever watched a kid eat an apple for an entire hour? That's what I spent my morning doing.

Today Johnny Appleseed celebrated his 238th birthday! For whatever reason, this is a holiday at my school. The principal/superintendent dresses up as Johnny Appleseed (complete with a metal pot on his head), reads a book about Johnny Appleseed, and hands out apples to every kid in school.

The kids were so jazzed about who had the biggest apple or the shiniest apple. A select few then proceeded to take an hour to eat their apples. They licked it and nibbled it until their arms, hands, and table tops were sticky with apple juice. Fun times in third grade.

Conveniently, our leveled reader that accompanied Mulan was about Johnny Appleseed. So the kidlets got to hear two Johnny Appleseed stories today.

And because today was a holiday of apples...I totally dressed the part!

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