About Amy

1.  I like to win.
2.  I am irrationally afraid of wild animals.
3.  I love lattes!
4.  I am turning 29 in February.
5.  This makes me an Aquarius.
6.  I think that I think more than others...but how will I ever know?
7.  I make wishes on eyelashes.
8.  I like secrets.
9.  Especially other peoples.
10.  I am a poor decision maker.
11.  I love looking at the moon and the stars.
12.  I went to camp until I was 24.
13.  I really want to be able to play the piano.
14.  But I'm not sure I have the patience and determination to learn.
15.  I like math.
16.  I don't like tomatoes but I love tomato sauce.
17.  I enjoy driving fast.
18.  I want to write a book.
19.  I have a lot of strawberry freckles.
20.  I can listen to the same song for 24 hours.
21.  I want to like tea but I don't.
22.  I have a good memory.
23.  Girls who act helpless irk me.
24.  I think I tell stories better than most people.
25.  I wish I had long, thick, straight hair.
26.  I don't.
27.  I think grammar is overrated.
28.  I love using ellipses...
29.  Procrastinating is one of my favorite pastimes.
30.  I don't sleep with a top sheet.
31.  If I do I kick it to the bottom of the bed in my sleep.
32.  I have no sense of direction.
33.  I believe in fate and karma but not God and church.
34.  I play the flute.
35.  And the piccolo.
36.  I tried to play the viola.
37.  I got as far as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
38.  I think people who drive white cars are assholes.
39.  I've never been to Disney Land or World.
40.  I ran over a bunny once.
41.  I cried.
42.  I more recently ran over a possum but did not cry.
43.  I love to play Bananagrams.
44.  I secretly want to wear trendy flannel shirts.
45.  But every time I try one on I look like a lady lumberjack.
46.  The smell of cucumbers makes me nauseous.
47.  I am a good speller.
48.  I can make kick-ass paper snowflakes.
49.  My greatest fear in life is becoming a crazy cat lady.
50.  I don't like cats.
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