Saturday, September 29, 2012

Local Field Trip: Freedom Trail

Back in 2010, the England crew was reunited in Seattle for M & J's wedding. It had been six years since we had all seen one another. In 2011, the crew reunited again in Chicago for R & S's wedding. This summer, none of us were getting married. Well R & S were getting married again in Romania. And M & J were growing/having a baby. So the three single ladies decided to peruse the East Coast. As it turned out, only 2 of us made it to Boston. But a wonderful time was had regardless. 

On our first day in Boston, we hit up the Freedom Trail and walked until it got dark. We dipped our toes into Frog Pond (where we later learned was the location they used to dunk the witches).

And we were off. There is literally a starting line to follow the red brick road/red painted line.

K was looking for things to mount and quickly found this donkey, which by the looks of it had been ridden many a time.

We ate cupcakes at the SWEET which were delicious. Lemon for me. Boston Cream Pie for the Midwesterners.

We stopped at the Old State House to admire the gold unicorn on the top and reenact the Boston Massacre. Luckily, we all survived.

As the sun was setting, we walked around Quincy Market, took in a street show, and tried to figure out what to do for dinner.

We voted on an Irish pub that served seafood. We enjoyed fish and chips, chowdah...

and K was feeling brave and had lobster. M was so creeped out by the 'ocean spider' that she had to cover it's head with a napkin in order to enjoy her dinner.

At dusk we finally made it to Paul Revere and the North Church.

We did some dancing...

Then headed to a street festival in the North End. 

It was the festival of Sant' Agrippina who is the patron saint against thunderstorms, evil spirits, and leprosy. 

I felt like I was back in Italy because almost everyone was speaking Italian. Welcome to the North End!

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