Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Midwest Recap: Episode 3

The impetus for my Midwestern adventure was R's wedding.  After spending 3 days in Michigan and 2 more in Chicago we watched R don a lacy number, wear a crown, and get married.

Between the ceremony and the reception we stripped down to jeans and summited Sears Willis tower via elevator.  We got back into our super fancy party clothes for an amazing reception.  FYI: I missed the DRESS LIKE A MERMAID memo! 

We ate a multiple course menu that took me from this:

to this:

via this:

After dinner R & S danced a fancy dance (and later the Hora).

As the night wore on, there were drinks, dancing, and awesome photography skills.

There was also a not so covert elevator trip to the 11th floor of the Rookery.

When the reception ended the after party commenced in our hotel bar.  But first we wrote THE BEST LETTER EVER to M & J (who had a 6 am flight home)...

and delivered it quite stealthily (and hopefully quietly) to their room.

We took a midnight jaunt to a 24 hour Subway for Chip Fest 2011

and returned to a feathered party dress and homemade Romanian moonshine.

Congrats to R & S on a beautiful ceremony, a fabulous reception, and an exciting new life together!


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