Friday, September 16, 2011

Lots of Cupcakes

A cupcake for baby ONE YEAR OLD M!

A cupcake for Everyday Brother who is never going to leave Virginia ever again.

And a cupcake for my ginger friend O who is now almost 40 just like me.

Most people's morning routine:  Shower, coffee, read the paper, go to work.

My morning routine:  Shower, cereal, read blogs, go to work.

Except this morning I skipped the shower step (don't judge...I'm taking second graders hiking today and will shower before I go out tonight to celebrate the aforementioned ginger.)

So I had a few extra minutes this morning to throw together a blog that masquerades as a belated birthday celebration but is actually a long winded and public justification of my personal hygiene habits.

OH!  AND!  With my extra minutes I watched Lady Gaga's You and I video because the song has been stuck in my head (stop laughing at me).  And OMG she just gets more and more strange.  If you want to ruin your day see the video click here.  Now I have to go hike with second graders with visions of mermaid Lady Gaga stuck in Texas Chain Saw Massacre while her child-of-the-corn self makes out with her dude self on the piano.  Seriously. I'm late for work.  Oops!


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