Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Short...

August:  Lazy then awesome.

Michigan:  Looks like New England.

Indiana:  Skip it.

Chicago:  Like Boston's big brother.

Rehearsal Dinner:  Delicious.

Flight Home:  Cancelled.

New Flight Home:  Chicago to Richmond to Newark to Boston on Tuesday.

Wedding:  Beautiful.

Sears Willis Tower:  Really tall.

Reception:  Gorgeous.

Dancing:  Fabulous.

Sleeping:  Limited.

First Day of School:  Missed.

Actual Flight Home:  Chicago to Manchester on Monday.

First Week of School:  Done.  And yes I need 4 days off after a 3 day work week.

Amy:  Exhausted.

September:  Back to blogging.  No really.  Yes, I know I promised this before.



  1. I realize I'm gonna sound like a douche, but you may need to change the title of your blog... :-P

  2. haha...I just need to get back into the swing of things. I have so much to write about my trip that I don't know where to organize or how to begin or when to edit!


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