Sunday, September 16, 2012

Local Field Trip: Apple Picking

This has been a busy birthday week! On the 13th Baby E joined the world. On the 14th Baby M turned into Toddler M and yesterday O-town and Everyday Brother turned old! For O-town's birthday (part 1) we met up at a local apple orchard to pick all the apples...pounds and pounds of apples.

Of course the best part of apple picking is sampling the merchandise. By the time we left, I had eaten probably 2.5 apples, a pint of cider, and 2 cider donuts and I thought I was going to throw up.

The orchard was only picking Macintosh and Cortland apples and we had a hard time telling which was which because they are both red and green and round. After consulting some signage, we determined that Cortlands were for lovers because they grew up hugging.

O-town spent most of the time picking at flower pods for seeds to plant while simultaneously picking entire apple trees.

I was telling D about a YouTube video where a guy breaks an apple in half with his bare hands and before I could finish my explanation D had already cracked his apple in half like a boss.

I was sad to learn that they were only picking Macintosh and Cortland apples because gala apples are my favorite. I saw a sign pointing me to the roped off direction of my favorite apples and I had to make it happen. I quickly ducked under a rope and scored myself a giant gala apple. Trespassing FTW!

We saw lots of pumpkins and gourds. There were GIANT pumpkins and small pumpkins...

There were crazy pumpkins with candy corn-like exteriors and nubs that looked like ginger root.

After checking out the mutant pumpkins, we hit up the farm stand for some cider and cinnamon and sugar tossed cider donuts. Nom!

We enjoyed our treats to the sounds of a three-man jazz band...a trio I suppose would be the correct term. The sousaphone oomph pa pa'd while the other two seemed to play their own tunes. I kept thinking I recognized songs, but only a select few bars sounded familiar.

 Fun times were had by all. I'm so exited for more fall adventures!

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  1. Apple picking is lots of fun but so is everything else that goes along with it! Many apple picking farms also have other attractions available like tractor trailer rides and hay mazes. Warm apple cider donuts and apple crisp make the visit worthwhile too!


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