Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I Taught Your Child Today

Today I taught your child what the word drought means.

I taught them about the Dust Bowl of the 1930's and through the miracle of technology was able to show them a video slideshow of photographs from 1935.

I taught them where Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado are in relation to Massachusetts.

I taught them that a lot of corn is grown in the midwest.

I taught your child that when there is a drought, crops can't grow. And when crops can't grow, animals don't have enough to eat. And when crops don't grow and animals don't have enough to eat, people don't have enough meat or vegetables to eat.

I taught your child that when there isn't a lot of food being produced, food gets very expensive. And while, hopefully they have never gone to bed hungry at night, many people can't afford to eat because food is too expensive.

I taught your child that some people cannot afford to eat because the economy is bad.

I taught your child that the people who run our country are trying to fix the economy but everyone has different ideas on how to accomplish that feat.

I taught your child that because different people have different ideas about how to fix the economy, it is important for people to vote for the person that they most agree with.

Oh...and I taught your child what a time lapse video is because we watched an awesome video of the Haboob in Phenoix, AZ.

I taught your child all of this in 20 minutes.

I also taught them about number patterns and rounding and personal responsibility and writing strong leads and decoding and fluency and how to take the DAZE.

I hope you taught them something too.


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