Saturday, September 29, 2012

Local Field Trip: Boston

On our second day in Boston, we started out in Cambridge at Harvard University. They wouldn't let us in because we weren't smart enough or something.

We wandered Harvard Square and scouted out an ice cream shop for breakfast ice cream at 11 am. (Let's not pretend that any time of day isn't the best time of day for ice cream.)

Coffee oreo...nom.

After ice cream for breakfast, we rode the T. 

We headed to Fenway to walk around the park and take some pictures. It was HOT!

After trekking through the beastly heat, we headed to the Public Garden to ride some swan boats.

While we waited in line, we passed the time by taking horrible self portraits.

Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.

After the swans, we took some senior pictures and visited the ducklings from Make Way for Ducklings fame.


Before saying goodbye to K & M, we high tailed it to the Boston Tea Party. M brought tea and headdresses all the way from Michigan to Boston just to reenact the Boston Tea Party. We couldn't let her down!

We got lots of strange looks!

M and I raced across the city to make our scheduled, sunset duck tour. We boarded the Fenway Fanny and toured Boston by land and by sea.

Because it was our last night in Boston, we visited the waterfront and dined like fancy ladies.

Chowder and shrimp and crab cakes and bon bons!

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