Sunday, September 30, 2012

In September

In September, I said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I made a new season to-do list and started working on it right away. I went to an Ansel Adams exhibit with Everyday Mom and tried on lots of hats. I picked apples, and ate apples, and made applesauce. I watched a lot of Breaking Bad. I relived all my summer adventures. I honed my hermitness and tried to adjust to good friends moving away. I went back to school/work and laughed at all of the funny things kids say.

My goals for the month were:

1. Eat an apple a day for the month of September.
I ate soooo many apples. I didn't eat one per day but I definitely ingested 30 apples over the course of the month.

2. Don't spend ANY money beyond necessities (rent, gas, groceries, bills).
I did really well on this goal. Aside from the necessities, I spent less than $25.00! 

3. Fully catch up on blogging.
I have actually written ALL my summer recap posts and they are scheduled to be posted within the week! Stay tuned for lots of adventures.

4. Read a real book.
I started a few books and read a couple kids books, but I did finish the young adult novel Looking For Alaska by John Green. I loved it and have since requested the rest of his books from the library.

I've decided that September isn't my favorite month. It is a big adjustment to go back to school, it doesn't quite feel like fall, and people are super busy. Here's hoping for a more exciting October. 



  1. Yay! Glad you finally read John Green...when you read The Fault in Our Stars make sure there's some tissues's so freaking good.

    1. I'm reading them in the order they were written. Working on An Abundance of Katherines now.


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