Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to the Catching Up

I got to play Maid of Honor this summer for the BFF and it was so much fun!

A couple weekends before the wedding some bachelorette shenanigans took place. As we are more mature ladies (i.e. not 23 year olds) and I was the only non mother/mother-to-be the shenanigans were quite tame.

We dressed up fancy...

And started with S's and my FIRST PEDICURE EVER! And let me tell you, it was wonderful!

S and E surprised the bride-to-be. S brought the champagne and E brought the zebra mumu!

 After we all had our nails did, we headed to dinner at The Melting Pot which was super fancy. Figuring out how to order was the most complicated thing ever but it was WELL worth it.

The drinks were also super fancy but MUCH easier to order.

We started with a Boston Lager cheese fondue course which was gooey enough to clog arteries and stop hearts but delicious enough to risk it. We moved on the the main course where you actually cook the meat and veggies in the broth. There were so many rules...don't let this touch, cook that for this long.

The plates were an OCD person's dream!

S worked her fondue fork like a pro!

 Last and most delicious was the chocolate fondue dessert course. We dipped strawberries and bananas and brownies and pound cake and rice krispie treats in pure, melted chocolate. It was heaven.



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