Saturday, October 6, 2012

What My Dad Take Pictures Of

FYI: When you accidentally upload your father's ENTIRE memory card instead of the six photos you intended to, you get a whole lot of random photos! This is what Everyday Dad takes pictures of.

Sasha the dog. She likes to snuggle...and shed. She crosses her legs like a lady because she's dainty dog.

Turkeys came to visit. They are tall and ugly.

An Alaskan fishing boat in the fog...with a bird.

Everyday Mom riding in a Rhino in Alaska. Helmets were necessary...those suckers were designed to roll.

Rainbow in the mountains in remote Alaska.

A REAL LIVE LADY MOOSE! M this one is for you!

Seagulls in flight. They look much more majestic than when they are scavenging for food.

Early morning snow in Maine.

Mt. McKinley in Alaska.

Bald eagles...eating dead stuff.

A stubborn cuke growing through the slats on the porch swing.

The black, mutant squirrel that is so friendly (a.k.a. greedy) you can get close enough to it to pet it.

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