Thursday, October 4, 2012

Local Field Trip: Ben and Jerry's

On the way home from S & E's wedding, I stopped at a sunflower field and at the Ben and Jerry's factory store in Waterbury, VT. I was planning on stopping on the way up but it was hurricaining out and there was no way I was getting out of the car.

I wandered the grounds...

And found the GIANT vats of ingredients. That is A LOT of sugar and cream!

I've been to Ben and Jerry's before but had never visited the Flavor Graveyard before so I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and ventured up the hill.

I looked for my favorite flavor, oatmeal cookie chunk but it was nowhere to be found. WTF Ben and Jerry's? You killed off my favorite flavor and didn't give it a proper burial? #Get on that.

White Russian lasted for a long time...those crazy Russians.
Chocolate Comfort had a short, short life. was time for ice cream! And there was no mistaking what direction I would find it in.

I went for a double scoop of mint chunk and chocolate brownie. I incorrectly assumed that I didn't need a dish. But the weather proved me wrong.

Yes I eat ice cream like a five year old. Get over it.

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