Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's 10/11/12!


10 Things I Learned Today:
1. There is snow on Mars.
2. It's good to be flexible.
3. Plugging in a cell phone doesn't mean it will charge.
4. I have a limited amount of patience.
5. 3rd graders still believe in Santa.
6. They also believe aliens live on Mars.
7. You can reheat fish sticks in the toaster.
8. Teachers avoid responsibility too.
9. 3rd graders still cry a lot.
10. Dragons eat unicorns. <--According to a second grader.

11 Things I Saw Today:
1. How I Met Your Mother.
2. Puddles.
3. Apples.
4. Pumpkins.
5. Kids climbing up slides.
6. Chipped nail polish.
7. Canadian Geese Fight Club.
8. A firetruck.
9. Yesterday's Daily Show.
10. Two a.m.
11. A cartoon fish.

12 Things I Thought About Today:
1. My mom.
2. Getting an iPhone.
3. How much I love sunny, fall days.
4. Moving to Michigan.
5. Having a sleepover.
6. Publishing a book.
7. The Vice Presidential debate.
8. Penguins.
9. Baking bread.
10. Running.
11. Getting an iPad.
12. Going to bed early.

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