Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Live Without Power

Sometimes when the power goes out it can be fun. You can snuggle in blankets or eat PB&J by candlelight. Maybe you like to build forts and have shadow puppet competitions. But when you live alone and it gets dark at 5:15 and it's super rainy and stormy out, losing power is not fun.

Why my power went out. Six telephone poles went down like dominoes.

I spent my hurricane day running some errands then came home to enjoy a nice cup of mocha latte and avoid falling limbs. I was just about to start watching the hurricane episode of Dawson's Creek when the power went out.

Not impressed.
Not knowing what to do with myself I made the executive decision that it was a wonderful time for a nap. Until I remember that I hastily dumped my clean laundry on my bed this morning.

First, I put away clothes by crazy LED flashlight. Everyday Dad hooked me up today with this tiny LED light that will probably cause temporary blindness or burnt corneas but man does it light up a dark room.

After a short nap, it started to get dark. I read by flashlight for a bit and 2 hours into being without power I was over it so I made a list of what to do when one is without power.

1. Take a nap. Hope that when you wake up, the power is back on.
2. Find a good book to read by mint chocolate chip scented candlelight.
3. Clean your house to take your mind off the fact that your tv, internet, computer, phone and iPod won't work.
4. Call your mom to see if they have power and if they'll invite you over for dinner.
5. Stare at the wall.
6. Flip every light switch...just in case.
7. Eat Cheez-its from the box to avoid opening the fridge, in turn keeping the cold air in.
8. Brainstorm what to do with everything in the freezer.
9. Curse Mitt Romney for representing a party that doesn't believe in global warming. Epic hurricanes at the end of October??
10. Stare at the wall.
11. Dig out a pad of paper and a pen to write down every thought you plan to share on your blog when the internet get's it act together.

Still not impressed. This time in the dark.

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