Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ansel Adams & Hats

Everyday Mom and I took advantage of our library's museum passes and headed to the Peabody Essex Museum over the weekend. First up, we toured the Ansel Adams exhibit. It was amazing! Many of his most famous photographs were there and I found a new favorite.

If only I had $15,000 lying around, I would snap that up in a second. There were three HUGE (10'x10'?) prints that were gorgeous. Adams projected his negatives onto rolls of photo paper then carefully lined up the rolls to complete the print. They were amazing.

After seeing all of the photographs, we headed to the hat exhibit. I have to admit, I wasn't psyched to look at a bunch of hats. was awesome! There were 250ish hats and so many of them were CRAZY! There were lots of new, weird ones, but also many very old and very strange ones. I can't believe people actually wore some of the hats.

They had a photo booth set up where you could take a picture of yourself and then digitally add one of the hats from the collection.

I wanted to go with the upside down shoe hat, but the people behind us in line said it looked dumb. 

When you left the hat exhibit, they had a dress up area where you could try on a bunch of hats. Pushing my fear of lice aside, Everyday Mom and I tried on a bunch. 

Everyday Mom pulled off the black boa hat much better than I did!

I think I wore it incorrectly!

The hats were a lot of fun but my head was itchy with psychosomatic lice for the rest of the day.


  1. I love the pink feathered cap! If only You had worn it to the wedding...

  2. Haha I don't know if the pink would have matched the guava!

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