Sunday, October 21, 2012

Irrational Fears

I have a few irrational fears.

I'm super afraid of being attacked by wild animals...deer, bears, turkeys. I do kind of live in the woods and we had bears at camp but in general, this fear is quite irrational. 

I am also irrationally afraid of dying in some strange way as a result of living falling in the shower or choking on something. Also not likely but freak accidents happen.

My most irrational fear is that I will spontaneously combust and burst into flame. I don't know where this stems from but for a while I refused to drink alcohol because according to the articles I read, cases of spontaneous combustion often involved alcohol. I'm aware that this makes me sound incredibly crazy, but that's because it's an IRRATIONAL fear. people ARE catching on fire thanks to a sunscreen! Now technically, spontaneous combustion occurs without an external trigger but still...PEOPLE ARE CATCHING ON FIRE! So I'm super glad it's not sunscreen season in New England anymore. Hopefully, by next summer, I'll forget all about this.


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