Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Me Trying to Watch the Presidential Debate

Me: Okay, I already know who I'm voting for but let's do this. Educate me Mr. President.

Jim Lehrer: How are you going to fix the world?

Obama: Happy Anniversary Michelle!

Romney: Congrats on your anniversary bro.

Jim Lehrer: Okay but really, how are you going to fix the economy?

Romney: My plan is best. Can't give you details but it's the best.

Obama: Your plan DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!

Romney: (Side smirk) Yes it does.

Obama: Then explain it.

Romney: I don't have to 'cause it's the best.

Jim Lehrer: Next segment. Tell us how you much you disagree about social security.

Obama: Actually we agree. Let's talk about medicare and my grandma instead.

Romney: Old people are fine. Let's make young people buy private insurance even though they can't afford it.

Obama: (Side Smirk)

Jim Lehrer: We'll talk about health care later.

Romney: No. I want to talk about it now.

Obama: Me too. One last point.

Romney: One last point.

Jim Lehrer: But, but, but.

Romney: But I still have one last point. Let's talk about...

Jim Lehrer: No let's not.

Me: Dear Romney, stop being so fucking rude and respect the rules of the debate!

Romney: (Side Smirk)

Me: Medicare to banks in 3.2 seconds...I give up. I'm going to bed.

Edit: Romney and Obama apparently do not know/understand the rules of a debate.

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