Sunday, August 26, 2012

Local Field Trip: Portland Head Light

I've got a thing for lighthouses...and sunsets and puppies and ice cream and get the picture. Maine is chock full of lighthouses so I decided it's time to start visiting them! First up was Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 

This lighthouse was the first built by the U.S. Government. So that makes it old and famous!

I hiked/climbed down a rocky trail to get to the rocks below. (Molly...see how far the tide is out? That big rock in the middle is your Little Mermaid rock!)

Jack and Rose...from Titanic!!

Peaches were eaten.

I don't know what types of rocks these are but I loved the smushed white strip of rock!

Before I left I put my toes in the was COLD! And yes, I have crazy flip flop tan lines.



  1. That tide is cray-cray!!!! I still think you know those things because you are a lady of the sea. PS...I like your toenail polish...borrow? :)

  2. just fyi, in case you didn't know.... you have REALLY cute toes ;)
    and I like the flip flop tan lines :)


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