Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adventures In...

3rd GRADE!

The summer has come to an end and I was back to school this week.

On Monday, we had silly teacher meetings that were sooooo boring. There was an introduction speech where we were advised to learn to eat the new stinky cheese. It was some kind of metaphor for change...I think. I did find out for sure that I would be working in 3rd grade this year. I'm excited about this for several reasons:
1. I like working with 8-9 year olds.
2. I like teaching more content based curriculum.
3. I'm placed with a kick ass teacher who loves technology.

I was fortunate last year to have an amazing class and work with an incredible teacher. It's strange this year, because only some of "my kids" from last year are in my class. I want them all back! But I'm slowly getting used to new kids and I'm sure I'll come to love them too.

On Tuesday, after 1.5 hours of sleep, I met the kidlets. Some of my favorites are in different classes but they are growing on me. On the first day of school an 8 year old boy was spoken to for drawing a penis and balls on his picture. This might be a long year!

I'm psyched for a four day weekend. I have a ton of sleep to catch up on. I'm getting a haircut (nothing drastic like some people I know!) and attending a family party. I'm bringing mini cupcakes to the party so I practiced tonight.

Now here is the thing about making mini cupcakes...they. are. small. The box of cake mix made 60! super moist carrot cupcakes. That is soooo many cupcakes.

At first, I thought I would try to be fancy and creative and frosted a few cupcakes like this:

But three things quickly became apparent.
1. Swirls take too long.
2. I'm too much of a perfectionist so I thought the swirls looked messy.
3. It was no where near enough frosting.

Instead, I decided to just squeeze a huge dollop of frosting on top.

Tons of cupcakes ready to go to the teacher's lunch room tomorrow. Sort of a "yay we made it through the first week alive" reward.

I'm sure as the year progresses I'll have many Adventures in Third Grade stories. Can't wait!


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