Monday, August 20, 2012

Movies in the Park

Way back when, I used to do things and blog about them. It was a way to document the times that I decided not to be a hermit and joined the real world. As of late, I do things and don't blog about them. But tonight I had one of those movie nights. Nothing epic or life changing, just a night that in the movie of my life would have made it past the cutting room floor. Naturally I came home and wrote in my diary blogged about it.

With just one week left before school starts, I am trying to hoard my lazy days. I really wasn't inclined to put on pants today but today's lunch date turned into a dinner date in the big city.

M and I drove into Boston to meet up with some of her friends for dinner and a movie. We drove in circles around the Common until we found a place to park deep in the financial district. Every now and then things looked familiar from my earlier travels and adventures in Boston. We ate delicious burgers and I made conversation with new people...always a frightening task but I survived!

After dinner we walked over to the waterfront to watch The King's Speech outside in the park. The grass was wet and my ass got soaked through the beach towel we brought but it was such a cool thing to watch a movie on a giant blow up tv on Long Wharf in Boston.

It has finally cooled off here and tonight called for the first sweatshirt since March/April. Fall is just around the corner!

#Hoodies FTW


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