Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's Start at the Beginning...

A long, long time ago (mid-July) I began a frenzy of local field trips, visits with friends, and wedding activities. Until now, I haven't sat down to recap all of the fun. But the time has come. My life's motto of better late than never seems quite apropos. 

Over the summer, my friend M and I decided to read the book "Last Night at Chateau Marmont" then meet up an discuss it. Well, only I read the book (and it wasn't amazing) so instead we just had a catch up lunch in Amherst.

Saw a ladybug smart car which was adorable but seriously... look how small that thing is. I would get dead in a car like that.

It was HOT out which lead to crazy thunderstorms, hailstorms and tornado warnings across Massachusetts. But I managed to evade ALL the rain.

After lunch, I wasn't ready to head home. Instead, I channeled my inner James Taylor and hopped on the Mass Pike. (It really does go from Stockbridge to Boston.)

Naturally, since I was 1/2 way to my favorite place in the world (camp) I decided it would be a great idea to drive by. First, through Westfield and under the green bridge.

Obviously, a pit stop at Katie's was made...

For a kiddie vanilla on a cone with rainbow sprinkles. It melted way too fast but was delicious. Sadly, it was no longer just a dollar.

After driving by camp and eating soft serve, I headed to the Lee Outlets for some shopping. Drove by the Otis Poultry Farm.

After scoring some new tops at the Gap Outlet, I literally headed off into the sunset. (Which incidentally is not as easy as it sounds because it's hard to see.)

The sky looked like it was on fire. 

Side note: I LOVE the sky. The sunset, the clouds, the moon and them all. Someday, when I am not poor, I will own a super deluxe amazing camera that will capture the colors the way my eyes see them. (If you want to donate to my camera fund let me know!!)  But until that time, I will continue to take cell phone pictures out the window while driving.


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