Saturday, June 26, 2010

Procrastination and Pasta

I've been talking about making my own pasta for a while six months. So I decided to change my procrastinating ways and just do it!

That was on Wednesday.
On Thursday I found a reciepe online.
On Friday I went to the grocery store to buy ingredients.
And FINALLY on Saturday I actually made the pasta.

Here's how it went down...

It turns out there is not much in pasta dough. Some flour, eggs, and olive oil.

You mix it all on a cutting board! Just smoosh it until it starts to look like dough, then knead.

I took pictures of the dough going through the flattening and cutting of the pasta machine but my camera magically erased them on its own. Hmm...

It looks like pasta! It cooked very quickly but it tasted mostly of flour and egg which essentially is all it was. All in all it's way less of a project to cook pasta out of a box but that's not as fun and messy!

In other news, I cleaned my apartment for 2.5 hours today, napped, went to a booksale, and paid all my monthly bills.

How's that for kicking procrastination in the face?

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  1. Hi Amy, love your blog! Hope you can stand getting a comment from a MOM!! We used to make our own pasta so I have some ideas on getting rid of that "flour taste". Try using all semolina instead of baking flour. Also, you can add flavors like garlic powder, pepper and/or finely chopped herbs like basil or baby spinach. Freezing individual portions is a great idea - quick suppers, especially when you are working. For a quick pasta sauce in the hot summer months, half cherry tomatoes, grate some cheese onto them, add chopped basil and sprinkle with plenty of olive oil. Let sit an hour or so and add your hot pasta, voilĂ ! Happy cooking, Summer's Mom


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