Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1,000 Books

Last year on the Fourth of July, I began to wonder how many books I have read. I have read a lot but kept no record of what or how much I read. So...I set a goal to read 1,000 books. This didn't seem too daunting at first but then I began to think....if I read 1 book a week that is about 50 books a year. Reading 1,000 books is going to take me 20 years!

Even if I read 2 books a week this is still a 10 year project!

Even if I read a book every single day it would take 3 years.

So far I am one year into the project. I read exactly 52 books from July 4, 2009 - July 4, 2010. So far so good!

In other literary news.....Summer and I are reading book clubby books together this summer while she is growing baby. Any suggestions?

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