Saturday, August 28, 2010

Living Alone: Year One

Today marks the one year anniversary of living in my apartment on my own. This year has passed very quickly and has certainly had its highs and lows. But as always, taking time to look back and reflect has provided me many a life lesson.

These are the things I have learned while living alone:

1. I will watch almost any TV show that is presented to me in marathon form.

2. No one else is going to take out the trash.

3. All the hair in the tub really is mine. (Yikes! How am I not bald?)

4. Plants need water. They don't subsist on air and sunshine.

5. The fridge is always empty yet the sink is always full.

6. Apartment walls are thin!

7. There is NEVER a wrong time for an impromptu dance party.

8. Just about anything will rust if you leave it in the sink long enough.

9. I use an astronomical amount of toilet paper.

10. Living alone can be both wonderful and incredible lonely all in the same day.

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