Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nothing Compares To...


While I was away hiding from the blog world, I did brave shower in the dark (more on this later) and try new foods.

I went to Norway (Maine not Scandinavia) to visit a spice store.  They have a whole bunch of spices, flours, and general cooking things that you purchase by weight.  I picked up some rye flour and some caraway seeds for my next bread adventure and I bought these:

They are quinoa veggie curls.  Kind of like tri-colored pasta and kind of not.  Well...I don't know whether I undercooked them or whether quinoa is just naturally crunchy but it wasn't quite a substitute for pasta.  They get two stars.

Next, I tried this:

Tofu was on my list of new foods to try and while I doubt that anyone who ACTUALLY eats tofu would regard this as trying tofu, I am playing the technicality card.

I've read a lot about this "spaghetti shaped noodle substitute" as of late.  It has no cholesterol, sugar, gluten, animal bits, or guilt (according to the label).  Let's just say that I didn't have high hopes.  I planned to toss the noodle substitute into a chicken and veggie stir fry so I wouldn't even notice they weren't real noodles.  <---Mistake.

I followed the directions to a T.  I rinsed thoroughly to get rid of the natural odor (um yeah...that should have been my first clue), par-boiled them (I still don't know what this means), and patted them dry before adding them to my stir fry.  I know they are a noodle substitute but I honestly expected them to taste like noodles. <---Naive.  They were soft on the outside but had a weird crunch to them. Not enough of a crunch that I could pretend they were bean sprouts so I ended up eating around them.

All in all...try new foods has yet to result in adding a new food to my day to day repertoire.


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