Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thing 8: Run a Race

I've wanted to be a runner for a long time. I watch all the major marathons on TV and I follow a lot of running blogs. But I never actually put in the work to make myself a runner. But a wise person once said that if you run you're a runner. So it's been a goal of mine to participate in a race for a while.

Once again, I spend a lot of time talking about things and much less time following through. As I did with climbing Mt. Monadnock, I signed up for a race the night before I participated.

On a Saturday morning, with my sneakers laced tight and a water bottle strapped to my hand, I trekked 2.62 miles through 90 degree heat. The race was a benefit for Jeff Bauman who was severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

I was nervous having never participated in an organized race knowing that I was going to walk most of it. But I put on a brave face, showed up, and finished. 

I was so slow because it was crazy hot and humid, but it wasn't about a finishing time.

This was a chance to walk/run for those who were not able to. It was about donating time and money to a good cause and challenging myself in a new way.

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