Saturday, June 30, 2012

In June...

School ended.

Summer began.

The longest day of the year came and went.

Books were read.

Lots of shoes were bought. (Most will be returned.)

It was hot...and thunderstormy.

Pools were swam in.

Nails were painted.

Kidlets were tutored.

Parents traveled to Alaska.

Houses, dogs, and grandpas were sat.

Woodchucks wreaked havoc.

Movies were watched. Movies that rhyme with Tragic Bike. 

Summer Fun lists were made.

Wedding invitations were made.

Dresses were tried on.

And so many hours of Dawson's Creek were watched.

June flew all the months seem to do recently. The absence of a schedule always throws me for a loop. At first, I cannot fathom filling the empty time and I become antsy, lonely, and generally lost in space and time. But as the days pass by, I slowly get used to the idea of staying up late and sleeping in, spending entire afternoons reading books, and making plans for Sunday nights. And before long, I cannot fathom the idea of ever returning to work in the fall.

I guess it's a good thing that there are almost 2 months left of summer vacation!

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  1. ooh whats a kidlet? It sounds tiny and wriggly.


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