Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local Field Trip: Concord, MA

One thing I want to do during my 30th year is explore my surroundings. Recently added to the 30 While 30 list is "Take 10 local field trips." Now, local may mean the town next door or somewhere in New England. My first local field trip was to a place I've visited several times before: Concord, MA. (FYI: it's pronounced Concerd NOT Con-cord.)

On a beautiful May day, I headed to Walden Pond. I walked the loop around the pond twice stopping during my second loop to dip my feet in. There were so many kids swimming and I REALLY wanted to go in, but I real people clothes on and I knew there were going to be other stops on my field trip so I only went in to my knees.

After Walden Pond, I headed to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to visit some of the greatest authors of our time. Henry David Thoreau and Louisa May Alcott have quite simple headstones. Ralph Waldo Emerson's is a tad bit fancier.*

On my way out, a black Porsche sped through the cemetery. (Side note: every time I see a black Porsche...especially old ones, I think it is Dylan McKay.) When I drove to the North Bridge I had to circle the small parking lot several times because it was FULL of Porsches. There must have been 15 of them. Is there a secret Porsche scavenger hunt that I don't know about?

I finally found a spot to park and headed across the road to the bridge. One of the awesome things about growing up in Massachusetts (aside from the fact that it is fabulous) is that you can easily visit some of the most important historical sights of our country's history. It's crazy that however many years ago, British and American soldiers fought for their respective countries right at that spot.

My trip to Concord was perfect and it is one that I intend to repeat frequently but I do want to visit new-to-me places around Massachusetts and New England. If you have any ideas or want to take a field trip with me let me know!

* If I ever publish a book I will most definitely publish it under my first, middle, and last name because it obviously will ensure success.


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