Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Conversations with Children: Preschool Edition

Scene: Lunchtime with preschoolers.

Preschooler A: Why do they have that lunch (i.e. school lunch)?
Miss M: Because some kids bring lunch from home and some kids buy lunch from the school cafeteria.
Preschooler S: I want that lunch.
Miss M: Well it's up to your moms and dads. They decide what you have for lunch.
Preschooler H: AND JESUS.
Miss M: side eye to me Um...really just your mom and dad choose your lunch.
Preschooler H: Yep. And Jesus. He made the trees and the camels and lunch.
Miss M: Take another bite Preschooler H.



  1. Here's my convo with a 2 yr old girl today...

    Me: Hey L, what do you have there?
    L: A rock!
    Me: Where did you find it?
    L: On the ground
    Me: But where on the ground?
    L: Over by the caterpillar
    Me (clearly provoking): What if the caterpillar needed it? What if that was his bed?
    L: It was his crib!
    Me: Where's he going to sleep now?
    L: He can sleep in my crib.
    Me: How's he going to get there?
    L: (blank stare)
    Me: How's he going to get into your crib?
    L [while never breaking eye contact]: He can go in my crib...and then I'll get picked superman...

    1. hmmmm...I thought the kid was going to like open his hand and have the caterpillar in it!

    2. It was a couldn't be sure where it was going eh? Half of them can't even speak in 5 word sentences yet.

  2. But sound logical thinking on the 2 yr old's part :-)


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