Thursday, October 17, 2013

Conversations with Preschoolers

This week I am substituting at the preschool extended day program...and they are FUNNY.

Scene: Outside on the playground.

Preschooler O: I am four.
Me: A long time ago I was four.
Preschooler O: Are you five now?
Me: I'm a grownup now.
Preschooler O: My mommy said when I grow up I'll be a mommy too.
Me: That won't be for a long time.
Preschooler O: Yeah. I'm going to kindergarten then I'll be a mommy.

Scene: Eating (baked) Cheetos for snack.

Me: These are Cheetos. They are made with cheese.
Me: Haha...that is clever.
Preschooler H: AND TOES!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. TOES!  (This kid lost his mind.)


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