Friday, September 27, 2013

School Picture Day

8:15 am - I arrive at work 5 minutes too late and miss the staff photo. Oops.

8:35 am - This happens:

8:37 am - I turn my shirt backwards and pull at the high neckline all day.

8:50 am - The following conversation takes place in 4th grade:

Student A: Miss C. What are you drinking? It looks gross.
Me: Why would you say that my drink looks gross while I'm drinking it?
Student A: It's just a weird, brown color.
Student M: Is it tea?
Student K: No, it's probably coffee.
Student A: What is it?
Me: You said it was gross so you don't get to know.
Student A: No really...what is it?
Me: I'll never tell.

11:00 am - I get my picture taken, backwards shirt and all.

12:45 pm - The following conversation takes place in preschool:

Student E: Miss C your hair looks pretty today. (I wore it down, straightened today which I never do.)
Me: Thanks.
Student H: What did you to do your hair? It looks weird.
Student W: You should fix it.
Student K: Yeah. Make it a pony tail.

1:00 pm - A kid spits his toothpaste on my hand during teeth brushing time.

3:00 pm - I get to go home!

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