Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm Having a Veruca Salt Moment

And not the alternative rock band type. The "I want my golden goose and I want it now" type.

Last week Mother Nature gave us a taste of that sweet, sweet fall weather. The crisp, clean air. The blue, clear sky. The hint of changing leaves. And with that, my mind immediately switched from "Woe is me, summer has come to an end" to "OMG I LOVE FALL SO MUCH. IT'S MY FAVORITE."

But it was all rudely yanked away and is about to be replaced with heat from the center of the earth.

I mean...it's September, not July. If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow I'd be at the beach or at a lake getting my swim on. 

So now I'm all "Give me pumpkins and apples and cider donuts and baking and Halloween and gorgeous foliage...and GIVE IT TO ME NOW!"

*I also wouldn't say no to 10,000 tons of ice cream.


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