Friday, February 8, 2013

Live Action Blogging: BLIZZARD!!!

Thursday 6:00 pm - OMG why isn't school cancelled tomorrow??

Thursday 7:30 pm - Crisis averted, SNOW DAY! I'm going to sleep forever!


Friday 6:30 am - I'm awake. Why am I awake?

Friday 8:20 am - Guess I better "prepare" for this storm somehow. What does that even mean? Gas up the car? Groceries? Take the snow brush out of the car?

Friday 8:45 am - Groceries...check. Gas...station EMPTY.

Friday 11:00 am - It's what?

Friday 2:00 pm - Watching 4 episodes of The Bachelor seems like a great idea.

Friday 2:05 pm - GIRLS ARE CRAZY!

Friday 3:30 pm - Driving is BANNED in the state of Massachusetts. Guess I'm not going anywhere ever again.

Friday 4:00 pm - One of my third graders finds and follows my Instagram. DEFCON 5.

Friday 4:14 pm - Crisis averted.

Friday 5:00 pm - I should probably charge my phone or something.

Friday 6:00 pm - OMG SOOOOO ANTSY!

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