Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Eve

On Birthday Eve Day I snuggled on the couch and watched Pitch Perfect for the billionth time while it snowed pretty, pretty snow outside. Then I headed to the outlets to buy myself some birthday presents (new polka dot scarves and a necklace) and stopped for gas. I snapped a photo of the gas prices for 2 reasons. 1) I take iPhone pictures of everything and 2) I've been having REALLY weird dreams lately and last night I had a dream that I accidentally pushed the mid grade button instead of the regular button and couldn't stop from loading up on more expensive gas.

I headed to my parent's house and immediately dressed up my puppy in my Stink Week shirt. She willingly let me put it on but then REFUSED to look at me while I took a photo. Don't worry I gave her doggy treats afterwards!

There were purple birthday flowers...

Everyday Aunt, Uncle and niece/cousin came over for dinner. We built some structurally unsound bridges and FaceTimed with Everyday Brother and his now live-in girlfriend.

After a yummy dinner I let Everyday niece/cousin decorate my carrot cake birthday cupcakes with flowers and mustaches.

We watched Beyonce shake her thing and while I was excited about hearing some Destiny's Child I kept waiting for Tina Turner or Aretha Franklin or some other surprise guest to come out. I headed home in the fluffiest snow I have EVER seen. Big fat flakes that were so light they built up like bubbles instead of snow.

Happy Birthday Eve to me!

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