Thursday, January 31, 2013

A (Sick) Day Off

 Yesterday's consumption of Vitamin C failed to get rid of my cold.

I was still awake at 12:34 am and decided that I needed a mostly horizontal day. So I took a sick day.

After sleeping in, the rain cleared and I headed to Target to pick up some cold medicine. The sky was all cloudy with fluffy clouds.

I tried on a possible Valentine's Day t-shirt.

But then...the power went out (due to wind). It was pitch black and I was standing in the middle of a giant store. After a few seconds, the back up lights came on and we were told we had to leave the building.

I popped in to another store to pick up a shirt that I passed on last time I went shopping because I needed a little pick me up after spending the entire week sick.

My last stop was to pick up some comfort food to bring home and eat on the couch in my sweats.

I'm still stuffy and feeling sub-par but my pounding head certainly appreciated watching New Girl in my pjs instead of evading power struggles with 9 year olds.

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