Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is What Happens...

When you go to school while basically EVERYONE else has a snow day.

  • You check the news to make sure that school really isn't cancelled.
  • You shuffle down the stairs through 5ish inches of snow.
  • You thank Mother Nature for snowing light, fluffy snow while you brush off your car.

  • You slip and slide and have trouble driving to school.

  • You laugh when another teacher told you she took a sleeping pill at 1 am because she assumed it would be a snow day.
  • You cringe when a different teacher tells you she spun her car into a stone wall on the way to work.
  • You wonder why you didn't at least have a delay as a third grader tells you that her bus went over a curb today.
  • You shake your head when your class is crazysauce because it's snowing.
  • You take pictures of third graders making snow angels.

  • You laugh when they tell you their butts are wet after making snow angels.
  • You are glad that you FINALLY bought a real, grown up winter coat.
  • You have sopping wet feet after recess in the slush.
  • You ask the nurse if she has any dry socks.
  • You wear little boys socks for the rest of the day. 
  • You play geography games while running homework room at extended day.
  • You get home and just want to snuggle forever and ever.

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