Sunday, January 13, 2013

Live Action Blogging: Golden Globes Edition

7:50 - Jennifer Lawrence's dress is pretty...wait WTF is with the Madonna boob thing?

8:01 - Tina Fey and Amy Poler...I LOVE YOU!

8:02 - NO REALLY! Tina and Amy...let's all be best friends!

8:45 - Wait...Adele won? Is this the Grammy's?

8:55 - Wait...Bill Clinton is presenting? Is this the DNC?

9:04 - I want to hang out with Kristen Wig and Will Farrell.

9:08 - I'd like to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence too.

9:25 - I haven't seen ANY of these movies. As a general rule I am anti period piece but I might want to see Lincoln...but I think only because Bill Clinton endorsed it.

10:08 - Jodie Foster is pretty chill.

10:09 - Aren't the Golden Globes awards for movies AND tv? 

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