Friday, February 8, 2013

What People Do When it Snows

Back in college I was a sociology major for a semester or two. If I remember correctly, sociology is the study of social behavior?

Today I woke up super early despite having the day off of school. I decided I should prepare for this mega storm and headed to the grocery store. Here is what I discovered...

With the impending storm, people exhibit certain habits. They run to the store and buy cans of tuna, baking supplies, prepared meals, packaged cold cuts, apples, and bread. I get it. You can make tuna or PB sandwiches, eat apples and cookies all with no power.

People also buy bags of candy, chicken, ice cream, frozen pizza, yogurt (especially Chobani) and cookie dough. I guess blizzard is code for binge-fest. With the exception of raw chicken and frozen pizza, you can just nom it all if the power goes out.

Also I found this:
I don't really know what to say about this.

I've never understood the whole buying milk thing. If the power goes out, it will be one of the first things to go bad. This guy really needed his milk and bread though.

Pretty much every New Englander.

I also don't really understand the gas thing...unless it's gas for a generator? Why gas up a car you won't be able to drive? The first gas station I drove by HAD NO GAS LEFT. It was like the f'ing apocalypse. Luckily I live in a tiny town and my local gas station had gas and looked like this:

So I now have a full tank of gas (for what I'm not sure), some cereal, Cheez-its, and Clif Bars. I'm excited about the prospect of thunder snow but I already have cabin fever. Let's just hope it's light, fluffy snow that is easy to shovel.


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