Sunday, November 17, 2013

4th of July: Part 2

The real reason I went to Maine for the 4th of July was to see a FREE Matt Nathanson concert at L.L. Bean. I headed to Freeport in the early afternoon, convinced that I'd be able to find a good seat. Well, apparently people put out chairs at 12:01 am for summer concerts. 

After tossing my blanket on an empty area of wood chips, I took on the task of wandering around Freeport by myself for 7 hours. It was super hot and humid so I spent an hour or so in Starbucks enjoying their air conditioning and wi-fi.

Eventually, I grabbed some dinner and headed back to my blanket. I quickly learned that a blanket on the ground in a sea of lawn chairs is a terrible way to see a concert. 

I ended up walking around a bit an eventually found an empty corner of grass where I was able to see much better.

The concert was amazing. I almost didn't go because I had to drive to Maine, then drive to Freeport, then spend the entire day alone just to see a concert alone. But I'm glad that I went because I got to see Matt Nathanson for free!

After the concert ended, I headed to the baseball field behind L.L. Bean to see the fireworks. I stayed very close to the edge of the field and it felt like the fireworks were falling right on top of me. 

After the fireworks ended, it took 45 minutes just to get out of the parking lot. Lesson learned, next time I'll park farther away on the main street! I had spent the entire day in the heat and was so sticky. By the time I got back to the house in Maine it was after midnight. I bypassed the house and drove straight down to the lake and took a midnight dip to cool off.

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