Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th of July...A Bit Late!

When I was growing up, I spent every 4th of July at camp. In recent years, I've attended my towns local 4th of July Eve festivities on the 3rd of July. And for many, many years in a row it has rained, poured, and thunderstormed.

But this year it was sunny and a tad humid. We watched majorettes dance, listened to patriotic tunes, and wrangled toddlers.

It looked like the weather was going to turn but it held out for the rest of the night.

The next morning I got up super early, stopped at Dunks for a patriotic breakfast:

And drove to Maine to celebrate 4th of July festivities in the pine tree state.

The (very) small town parade was disappointing compared to the craziness that my hometown puts on. The DPW was in charge of blocking off the road...no cops needed.

The parade marshall led the parade in style...a riding mower and a pomeranian! Just kidding...but this guy did drive down the road right before the parade began.

There were a few army trucks and one firetruck with an awesome mural on the side.

The parade was super short but there was the obligatory parade candy thrown by a giant strawberry.

Part two to come!

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