Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I celebrated Uncle Sam's birthday by taking in a parade and some UVA and B rays.  D&O left the big city to attend a small town but very important parade.  We had to weave through some orange cones to find a parking spot but then got to park under this gem.

If you recall, I made fun of mocked attempted to survive the Rapture of 2011.  Turns out...I also survived the Rapture of 1992 without even knowing it!  Even more impressive is the fact that this poster is still rockin' after 19 years stuck to a pole.

We made our way to the parade and met up with S and baby.  S was was not.

We saw tiny firetrucks.

And lots of Minutemen

Some of whom were more prepared than others.

But they all shot guns which...let's be all that really mattered.

There was a kidlet sized fife and drum corps...

and bagpipes ---> my fave!

Actually...there were all kinds of bands.  Bands that rode.

Toy soldier bands that marched by without playing.

Canadian bands with angry drummers.

And professional bands with bad ass precision (and fancy plumage).

There were boy cub scouts with awesome floats and water guns.

And for some reason the Corvettes were replaced with tractors.  O was psyched!

After the parade we took in some shade and soft serve.  Our waitress was not confident with her soft serve serving abilities so it came in a bowl.  A giant bowl because she felt bad that she couldn't put it on the cone.

So I put it on the cone...

I bet she could have done better.  To top off the day I caught some fireworks at The Capitol.

I'll also catch the Boston Pops fireworks at 10:30. 

I'm not the most patriotic person but I totally geek out over Stars and Stripes Forever and the 1812 Overture#File under: Yes I was in marching band.


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