Friday, July 1, 2011

In June

In June I hated on the Bruins and Michele Bachmann, attended a fab wedding, drank delicious blue margaritas, subbed for what I hope will be the last time ever, visited Maine where I completed #20 on The List, celebrated my 1st Blog Birthday, read a lot of books, cooked lots of zucchini, and listened to Matt Nathanson's new album 100,000 times.

June goals:
1. Eat something green at least 5 days a week.  Holy success Batman!  Feast your eyes on all the deliciousness I devoured.

And I will be continuing the "eat green" trend with this sucker as soon as I Google "How to cook an artichoke."

2. Be less of a hermit.  I had some hermit days but overall I visited with lots of people and generally played nice.

3. Clean my entire apartment.  If by clean I meant don't clean then I accomplished this goal every single day in June!

For my July goals, I am going with the same approach as my October goals...Aim Low.
1. Drink at least 64 oz of water per day.
2. Finish a minibook.
3. Watch 5 movies I've never seen before.
4. Cross 2 things off The List.



  1. Fav MN song? I haven't picked it up yet but I listened to the album preview for several days before I moved out to camp.

  2. Favorite is #8 Run
    Second favorite is #5 Kiss Quick
    Third favorite is #10 Drop to Hold You

    What are your faves?

  3. Congratulations on a fabulous june. Artichokes totally rule. Good luck. It isn't too difficult.

    I would add too more goals for July, if it isn't too stressful.....
    1. Hate on MB more.
    2. Hang out (or make plans to) with me and folks.
    Sounds awesome?

  4. I'm pretty sure that you steam artichokes, and then you eat them by putting the leaves between your teeth and scraping out the good stuff... but i could be wrong. I'm a bad Italian, so it's possible.


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