Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six on Sunday

1. Happy Yesterday Birthday to my lovely Molly

Thank you for FINALLY joining me at 25+4...I don't feel so old and alone now.  Ha!

2.  I was going to spend a wonderful weekend in the woods, living deliberately.  I was going to visit the beach...smell the salty air...swim...walk in the know, Maine stuff.  But my fallopian tubes revolted against me and I spent two days living deliberately on the couch instead.

3.  I have no idea how to spell deliberately.  I had to spell check...three times.

4. The town I grew up in has an annual 4th of July parade that is kind of a big deal.  So big of a deal that people put out chairs A WEEK BEFORE THE PARADE to secure their vantage spot.  Like I said...kind of a big deal.

5. I spent the evening on the common with a red head and her red headed spawn.  We saw a HUGE dog, a dog wearing a neon pink t-shirt, and a tiny dog with its own chair to sit on.

6.  We also saw a twinsies couple wearing matching khaki shorts, yellow polos and red baseball hats and some emo-ish teenagers with neon green skinny jeans.  #File under:  My town is the fashion capital of Massachusetts Middlesex County.




    I feel like you and this lady would have a very strong bond.... lol.

  2. OMG I (want to say hate but hate is a strong word) strongly dislike cats. They are demons who want to eat my face off.

  3. Thanks Amy for the blog shout out and b-day wishes! I'm a little late but thanks a million all the same.


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